Consultation & Strategy Building

Skilled Briefer, analyzer, monitoring tasks requirements, budget restrictions to meat harsh deadlines.
Excellent managerial skills with mentorship ability supported with full understanding of production and technical terminology and processes.

Digital Marketing Integration

Invented Brands with expanded visionary of traditional/digital integration and Elevated existing brands with up-to-date online presence
Risk management skills, analytical predictions and problem solving oriented

Creative direction

Strong creative Background, design approach, user experiential narration in the digital world, with a decade of related experience and Masters in arts of digital media
Excellent pitch skills, storytelling and rationalizing user journey experience.


Arabic calligraphy speaks nature’s language.
Patterns, paths and components Can all meet in one word… synergy
Pablo Picasso, as quoted in The Aura of Alif by Jürgen Wasim Frembgen
”I have strived to reach the highest levels of artistic mastery,
but I found that Islamic Calligraphy was there ages before I was.”
قرر أعرابي ثري يدعى مغرور وزوجته فائقة الجمال نرجس أن يجربوا تعويذة نادرة وجدوها عند عطارة القرية
قطعت نرجس قلب أسد عمر خمسة قرون وطحن مغرور ذيل الطاووس الوحيد اللذي وهب ريشا
لونت كل ريشة بلون مختلف من كل الوان الدنيا. كتب الاثنين امانيهما بحبر أخطبوت عاش في الهواء على ورق كتا
طهت نرجس المقادي، نقعت فيها ورقة الأمنيات وتقاسم الإثنين حساء الكمال وذهبوا في نوم عميق لأيام عدة
استيقظ مغرور مندهشا بجمال نرجس وجاذبيتها التي تخطت جاذبية الأرض
وفتحت نرجس عيناها لتلحظ مغرور بقوى تعدت قوى البشر
ما لايعرفه الزوجين ان كلاهما يعيشون الآن في عالم الخيال حيث تعيش مخلوقات و وحوش لم تسمع بها أذن ولم يحكي بها لسان
Loloa is original Arabian Mare bread that was borne with an unusual beauty and transparency showing originality on her skin
Unfortunately her prize came with a price. Her hair kept growing non-stop till she was really struggling to move around and even walk.
One strong windy night, Loloa felt the air running through her hair
The wind had lifted her hair up and helped her not only to walk on the ground but even allowed her to walk on the surface of water
Loloa dreams that one day she will be able to utilize this mysterious power to be able to fly… to be continued.


Digital Creative

1- Coordination: Business
2- Business Proposal Analysis: full understanding
3- Research: intensive Industry research
4- Directions: Creative Directions with Design Rational creation.
5- Presentation: Design rational, Creative approach.
6- Art Direction.
7- Web design, interface experiences, site tree and navigation.
8- Social Media strategic design and planning.
9- Mobile app design and flash games.
10- Banner campaigns with strategic planning.
11- Copywriter. – Project Management / Production with team.
12- Discuss the creative approach with clients concept presentation, gathering data.
13-Strategic Planning: Campaign Analysis / Action needed.
14- Web pages analysis.
15- Coordinating with development team
16- Client yearly digital media planning.

Creative Digital Art director

1- Traditional and digital
2- Develop industry-leading solutions
3- Application design comps, presentations, and storyboards that visually stimulate the user experience
4- Ownership for the look and feel of all customer deliverables
5- Work closely with the Creative Director on new visual concepts especially Print (brochure, presentation tools, rolls-up, Moby, press ads… etc.) And the adaptation to other traditional media products.

6- Work directly with Application Engineers as creative concepts are developed in:

7- Saudi Interactive TV “ TAFAOL”
8- Multimedia CDs
9- Web design
10- Live streaming TV shows bumpers, TV ads and screen graphics
11- Bus Advertising

Graphic & Web Designer / Events Co-Coordinator

1- Assisted the creative director on running of daily tasks and on going activities;
2- Coordination: Business (Clients and Account Management) approval of deliverable;
3- Produced presentations and various print material; (brochures, presentation tools, rolls-up, Moby, invitation cards… etc.) – Liaised with clients’ portfolio and presented design concepts;
4- Hands on director assistant during shooting on location, video editing and post production;
5- Updated in-house client’s website content;
6- Contributed on all aspect of event planning making sure that everything planned was delivered on time with perfection.


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